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CoQ10+ and Omega-3

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A Kit Designed With Your Heart In Mind

Developed By A Cardiologist

The Cardio Kit was developed by Cardiologist, Dr Jeff Gladden, MD, as a specialized ingredient blend to help you protect and preserve your cardiovascular health.* Each kit includes two essential formulas that contain a full complement of nutrients to support your overall cardiac health.*

58% of the general population say they are leading a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins. [4]

80% of the general population say they would be likely to use a supplement to manage or prevent heart issues. [4]

More than one-third of Americans reported they are actively managing or treating conditions related to heart health. [4]

All the right nutrients in one convenient kit

Simplify Your Heart Regimen Today

Finding the right nutrients for your daily heart health routine can be overwhelming and not to mention, very expensive. With our Cardio Kit you can cut the clutter and simplify your regimen today. The Cardio kit contains a full 60-day supply of heart healthy nutrients and is delivered straight to your door in one convenient hassle-free kit.

Vitamins + Minerals + Antioxidants


Supports overall heart health*
Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels*
Promotes healthy energy levels*
Guards against oxidative imbalance*
Supports cell function & muscle recovery*
Promotes healthy blood flow*
Antioxidant support*

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Fish Oil with Omega-3 Fatty Acids


May reduce risk of coronary heart disease*
Supports the body’s natural inflammatory response*
Supports healthy blood flow*
Helps maintain healthy HDL-C levels*
Helps maintain healthy blood lipids & cholesterol*
Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels*
DHA may help soothe inflammation*

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