You See Imperfection, But God Only Sees His Masterpiece

Monica's Story

I'm Monica, the owner of GMP Life. GMP Life is for the people who have experienced life-altering events. Whether a car accident like myself, or healing from a disease, abuse, or addiction, or maybe you've experienced a loss of a loved one, and now you're on a spiritual path to healing. I created this brand to tell not only my story, but to tell the story of so many people who can relate to this lifestyle. A God's Masterpiece Lifestyle is a journey of imperfection to healing. That's why our slogan is, "You see imperfection, but God only sees His Masterpiece."

In 2009, I myself was in a dark place. I was dealing with a lot of stress, anger, and past trauma. From losing a best friend when he was 13 to a drive-by shooting, to heartbreak, and lack of self-worth. As a result, I experienced a head-on collision that forever changed my life. And that's where GMP Life was born. Like so many of you, I've experience pain. Through continuous prayer, therapy, and openness, I've cultivated patience and understanding as I navigate my path to healing. I hope wearing this brand helps you to feel as confident and inspired as I do.